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K9 Artificial Insemination Manchester

Canine Artificial insemination at The K9 Fertility Centre.
we have dedicated years to learning about fertility and welfare of animals and we offer canine artificial insemination along with our Bulldog stud dog service. We also offer you our full breeders package to allow you the best results for your mating as possible and less stress on your bitch.
We have been trained in all aspects of canine fertility and are certified to carry out vaginal canine artificial insemination. Please note that it is illegal to carry out trans-cervical and surgical AI unless done by a qualified veterinarian and only for health reasons of the bitch.
All equipment necessary for the canine artificial insemination procedure we use is disposable sterile equipment so you can be sure there is no risk of contamination.

A.I for dogs

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K9 Artificial Insemination

k9 artificial insemination
What are the benefits of Mating a dog by A.I?
  • Decreased stress levels for the dogs as they don’t have to experience any possible stress caused by a natural mating.
  • Breeders can use AI to enhance the genetics and overall health of their kennel.
  • Worldwide access of semen produced by healthy champion dogs that may not be available close by.
  • Allows for semen to be evaluated for fertility and health.
  • Prevents any possibility of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Frozen semen can be stored for long periods and stay alive.

So what is artificial insemination?
Canine reproduction, particularly K9 A.I, has come a long way in the last 20 to 30 years.
Back then most dog breeding took place by natural mating and there was a high chance that it would not be successful and had a risk of passing on sexually transmitted diseases. Now, with advances in reproductive technology and our greater understanding of canine reproduction, we’ve managed to better our chances of a successful mating whilst keeping our dogs safe from diseases.
Advancements in the way we store, chill and freeze semen, and the methods used for insemination have totally changed the way we mate our dogs for the future.
Canine artificial insemination allows breeders the opportunity to collect semen from dogs from anywhere in the world. It allows the breeder to breed a bitch that may not be able to mate naturally for medical reasons. Canine A.I has the advantages of being less stressful for the bitch and allows the breeder the chance to plan the procedure for the best results possible in a safe and controlled environment.

When to contact your vet.

During her pregnancy, if your bitch looks or acts unwell you should always contact your vet immediately, never contact your ultrasound scanner as we are not vets!

What is Pyometra?
Pyometra is a secondary infection that occurs as a result of hormonal changes in the female’s reproductive tract. Following oestrus (heat), the hormone progesterone remains elevated for up to two months and causes the lining of the uterus to thicken in preparation for pregnancy.
When pregnancy does not occur for several consecutive oestrus cycles, the uterine lining continues to increase in thickness until cysts form within the uterine tissues (a condition called cystic endometrial hyperplasia).
The thickened, cystic lining secretes fluids that create an ideal environment for bacterial growth.

In addition,
Muscles of the uterus cannot contract properly either due to thickening of the uterine wall or the high levels of the hormone progesterone. This means that bacteria that enters the uterus and fluids that have accumulated cannot be expelled.
During oestrus, white blood cells, which would normally protect against infection by eliminating bacteria, are inhibited from entering the uterus. This normal occurrence allows sperm to safely enter the female’s reproductive tract without being damaged or destroyed by these immune system cells.
The combination of these three factors can often lead to life threatening infection

Pyometra information taken from

Canine Artificial Insemination Near Me.

Ovulation testing or not?

For the best chances of a successful mating by any method relies upon mating at the optimum time of your girls heat cycle and a good way to determine this is by performing Cytology Ovulation Testing. By doing this a mating can be done closer to the true ovulation period. This is especially essential for using chilled and frozen semen for insemination. This is why we stress the use of Ovulation Testing before every mating

Cytology ovulation testing

Canine Artificial Insemination In Manchester

The cost for this service is as follows:
When you bring your dogs to us we charge £50 per insemination
You may prefer us to travel to you, prices start from £55
If you are using our stud service then this is factored into the package price quoted for the stud service.

For more information contact us using the details on the contact page.

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