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This is our current litter ready for their new forever homes

Bulldog puppy for sale


This Beautiful red and white boy has already found his forever home.

english bulldog puppy for sale in manchester


This beautiful all white boy has already found his forever home.


This stunning white and red girl is currently still available

english bulldog puppies for sale


This adorable fawn and white boy is currently still available

english bulldog puppies for sale


This Beautiful red and white boy is currently still available


This Beautiful red and white Girl is currently still available

gold health tested british Bulldog


Gold health tested champion dad with excellent champion bloodlines

Gold health tested english bulldog


Gold health tested mum with excellent champion bloodlines

🌟Sire is professional stud dog Shipshape J’adore. He is a Crufts Champion with an amazing pedigree of 13 champions in his first four generations. He is GOLD HEALTH TESTED and BOAS Tested under the Bulldog Breed Council Health Scheme. He is true to type with a good solid build. Standard red and white colour with an amazing shoulder and head structure. He is of amazing health and temperament and sired many stunning litters of healthy Bulldogs.

⭐Mum is Bulkybullies Luna’s Legacy who is GOLD HEALTH TESTED and BOAS tested, under the Bulldog Breed Council Health Scheme, she has 13 crufts champions in her last 5 generations from amazing lines and these pups have around 18 champions in their last 5 generations.

The pups have been raised by us in our family home and our youngest daughter always helps with feeding and toilet etc so they are used to being around young and older children as we have 4!

They have been socialised well with our bulldogs and are usually running around our home so have been introduced to all aspects of home life such as vacuum cleaner, washing machine etc and they interact well with other people and dogs.

✔They come with first vaccination done.
✔Wormed and flead up to date.
✔Full vet checks with vet contact details.
✔4 weeks free insurance.
✔Full puppy pack and contract of sale.
✔Breed information sheet.
✔Full on going support and advice.
✔Bulldog breed council information sheet
✔Food and bowl to get you started.
✔First harness and lead set

We always start toilet training our pups to use puppy pads before they go to new owners so you can follow their routine in their new home.

Thanks for looking, if you need any more info or would like to join our waiting list contact us today.

For any enquiries click here or call 07802 681 561

Just some of our stunning puppies from past litters

English Bulldog puppies for sale

english bulldog puppies for sale


Beware of cheap English Bulldog puppies for sale!

Think of the phrase “you get what you pay for”, this is also true with English Bulldogs. Despite common misconception, healthy bulldogs are rarely at the vets and this is because of the quality of their breeding and pedigree, the care and attention taken to mate with the perfect partner so as to breed out any flaws in the breed, extensive health testing for the dam and the sire, including a BOAS score from a qualified veterinarian and for this reason the average cost of an English Bulldog can be more than you may think. English Bulldogs usually need a C-section and they are usually artificially inseminated on mating at the peak of ovulation, this is a significant cost to breeders. A reputable English Bulldog breeder will spare no expense with their Bulldogs.

Bulldogs require specialist care for their surgery, not just any vet should be used, it must be one experienced in the brachycephalic breed because they require careful monitoring and caution must be taken with the amount of anaesthetic used and this experience does not come cheap. The expense of breeding an English bulldog can quickly increase when combined with repeated trips to the vets during pregnancy and taking into account any unexpected complications that may arise. 


Usually there are many English Bulldog puppies for sale but finding the perfect one for you might be more difficult than you think. The main thing is to make sure you take your time to find a good well-bred one, there are plenty of unscrupulous people out there who would just love to take your hard earned money so be very careful to take the time to meet the breeders and the puppies, if you pick one ask if you can come back again a few times and have regular pictures or videos of its progress, this should be no trouble for a reputable breeder. Make sure you see mum and, if possible dad. In the case where a professional stud dog has been used, make sure you check out their profile as a good stud dog will always be showcased on the owner’s website or their social media.  Make sure you actually speak with the breeder rather than just texting or emailing. Check out their website and any reviews they have as good reputable breeders will always want to showcase their dogs. Make sure the new puppy comes with insurance, at least one vaccination, make sure it’s worm and flea treatment are up to date, make sure the puppy is microchipped as the breeder must do this BY LAW in the UK.

A good reputable breeder will give you a puppy pack with a contract in it with terms and conditions for both you and them and a reputable breeder will always require you to bring the puppy back to them if it needs to be rehomed. Never pay for your puppy until you physically collect it and make sure all paperwork that should be signed, is signed by both you and the breeder, this way you are covered in law should any issues arise.

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Just a few pics from our past English Bulldog puppies for sale, these are absolute little stunners we think you’ll agree?

As well as English Bulldog puppies for sale, Here at AJAC Bulldogs we also offer an extensive K9 breeding service. We can offer you our full package or just one service, the choice is yours.
Our full canine breeding service package is as follows:
  • Semen analysis of stud dog
  • Mating carried out by 2 AI procedures, 2 days apart.
  • Confirmation scan at day 30 and another scan around day 40-45 for peace of mind
  • Discounted microchipping for your full litter at 6 weeks old
  • Support and advice 24 hours a day throughout your breeding experience.
Obviously you don’t have to take the full package, you may want the microchipping done by your vet at the time of the injections if you get a breeders deal for example, so you can just pay separately for each service you require from us. prices do vary depending on whether you come to us or you would like us to travel to you, the latter being more expensive as we have to take into account time and expenses on top.
Check out our Canine Fertility page for more details.

British Bulldog puppy for sale


We offer a first class Bulldog breeding service

We offer a high class, top pedigree, proven English Bulldog Stud service

Years of experience keeping the English Bulldog breed with years of experience breeding Bulldogs

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