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All our bulldogs are health tested to at least a silver award under the Bulldog Breed Council health scheme.

English Bulldog

An introduction to the English Bulldog Breed.

Bulldogs are often referred to as English Bulldog, British Bulldog, or simply “bulldog.” The Bulldogs you see today have changed somewhat form of its predecessors and is now shorter and more compact. They should have a good shoulder and head structure. The “rope” should be of good size but not overdone. These are just some of the basic qualities we look for in our Bulldogs of today and is considered to be of show quality.

A British Bulldog is a lot more pleasant and funny than they appear. Bulldogs are family and child friendly, despite their formidable appearance. They are very friendly if socialized well from a young age but they can become territorial and uncontrollable with other dogs and animals if not. While they are obedient they can also be incredibly stubborn, they can become protective against strangers if not acclimated to everyday life and socialized often.


All Puppies must be socialized with a wide range of people, especially children, animals, and everyday things such as home appliances, traffic, loud noises etc to develop their socialization into our everyday society. They all have their unique personalities that make them so adorable. British Bulldogs are generally aggressive to people but can develop aggressiveness if you spoil them and allow them forget that they are dogs. They can be stubborn and sometimes will completely ignore you altogether if they are allowed to think they are higher in the pack order than you, do not confuse this as being a slow learning puppy, Bulldogs are much smarter than people think.

The British Bulldog is considered to be a “lazy” breed that loves to spend their time indoors relaxing. Because of this, they can quite easily live comfortably in an apartment block or flat. They typically want to be next to their human all the time. They don’t require a large garden to run around and exercise in but do still require regular exercise, the earlier you start this the healthier they will be, at a young age a Bulldog will exercise as much or as little as you want, our boy will regularly walk 3 miles a day with no issues. One question we always get asked is “Is an English Bulldog a good family dog?” Well the answer is yes. The British Bulldog loves children and, if socialized well from an early age, will put up with all the squeezing, pulling and usual stuff that kids do and if disturbed, they will usually just get up and walk away, However you must teach them from day one who is boss! If you spoil your dog and don’t discipline it when it is bad then you will find that it does show some aggression when it’s older, this applies to all dogs though not just Bulldogs.

english bulldog puppy for sale

Because they have short coats they don’t need a great deal of grooming they only need to be brushed around once a week. You’ll find less hair around if you brush your Bulldog weekly. A Bulldogs face needs more attention, its important to keep their skin folds and tear stains clean, especially if your English Bulldog has heavy wrinkles. If you need to, just trim their nails once a month or so. Brushing their teeth weekly will help with bad breath and dental issues in the future but you can buy some good chew treats to do this for you nowadays.

You must maintain a healthy weight for your Bulldog because they can gain weight quickly if not kept in check. Make sure to exercise your Bulldog in cool weather as they can overheat very quickly in hot weather.


Well how long is a piece of string? In the bulldog world we always say you get what you pay for.

Despite common misconception, healthy bulldogs are rarely at the vets and this is because of the quality of their breeding and pedigree, the care and attention taken to mate with the perfect partner so as to breed out any flaws in the breed, extensive health testing for the dam and the sire, including a RGFS (BOAS) score from a qualified veterinarian and for this reason the average cost of an English Bulldog can be more than you may think.

English Bulldogs usually need a C-section and they are usually artificially inseminated on mating at the peak of ovulation, this is a significant cost to breeders. A reputable breeder will spare no expense with their Bulldogs. Bulldogs require specialist care for their surgery, not just any vet should be used, it must be one experienced in the brachycephalic breed because they require careful monitoring and caution must be taken with the amount of anaesthetic used and this experience does not come cheap.

The expense of breeding an English bulldog can quickly increase when combined with repeated trips to the vets during pregnancy and taking into account any unexpected complications that may arise.


Finding the perfect English Bulldog Puppies for sale might be difficult but make sure you take your time to find a good well-bred one, there are plenty of scammers so be very careful to take the time to meet the breeders and the puppies.

If you pick one ask if you can come back again a few times and have regular pictures or videos of its progress, this should be no trouble for a reputable breeder.

Make sure you see mum and, if possible dad. In the case where a professional stud dog has been used, make sure you check out their profile as a good stud dog will always be showcased on the owner’s website or their social media. Make sure you actually speak with the breeder rather than just texting or emailing.

Check out their website and any reviews they have as good reputable breeders will always want to showcase their dogs. Make sure the new puppy comes with insurance, at least one vaccination, make sure it’s worm and flea treatment are up to date, make sure the puppy is microchipped as this must be done BY LAW in the UK.

A good reputable breeder will make sure this is done, they will also give you a puppy pack with a contract in it with terms and conditions for both you and themselves and a good reputable breeder will always require you to bring the puppy back to them if it needs to be rehomed.

Never pay for your puppy until you physically collect it and make sure all paperwork that should be signed, is signed by both you and the breeder, this way you are covered in law should any issues arise.


English Bulldog Puppy
English Bulldog puppies for sale
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English Bulldog for sale
English Bulldog Puppies

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Joe Ford, Essex
We collected our little bulldog puppy today and we cannot recommend these guys enough. The knowledge they have for this breed is second to none. Thank you Ajac I will definetly recommend you to all my friends and family.
Fay Richardson, Manchester
I can honestly say i would recommend Ajac bulldogs to anyone. The amount of support they gave me after i took my little boy home was unbelievable, even to this day (3 years on) i still ask questions and they always reply with the best advice.
Becky Singleton, Gloustershire
I have never seen such beautiful puppies in my life, I wanted to take them all! we did a video call during lockdown and picked our puppy, transaction was done via bank transfer and they arranged transportation for my puppy to be delivered to my house. It was frightening not ever meeting them but we kept in touch throughout the whole pregnancy all the way until the day before my puppy left them.